Cultivated Crook – Jennifer A. Reuter Illustration

CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

Now Cad, didn’t figure you for a cultivated crook~ ✨🍷

Cad Bane, a serious and top-of-his-game bounty hunter in the universe, will find his reputation at stake and with no other option than to work with the one person holding the blackmail hostage: his ex, the underworld’s entertainment queen-pin, who stops at nothing to put the slip-ups of criminal-kind on full display.

I mention in a previous blog post that there’s a type of tragic couple which keeps pulling me in: “Stabby”, where two awful people are hopelessly attracted to each other. And they can’t decide if they want to murder each other or snog it out.

Cad Bane (a character from Star Wars) is a bounty hunter known for being cold, ruthless and with a selective sense of honour. Of his private life, let alone relationships, we know very little. It’s quite possible he’s had a few flings, although strictly only for relaxation purposes.

Closeness? No thanks.

But I do oh-so-enjoy putting serious characters through the wringer.

So to add yet another shipping romance to the pile of many out there for this dapper character, I have a fan-story in the works where he has to tango with someone who just wants to see if she can crack his cold visage.

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Gritty illustrations and stories about literal and figurative monsters learning their lessons (of love or tragedy). Find out more.