Reprieve – Jennifer A. Reuter Illustration

CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

Anything is worth it when the reward is so rare as a moment of peace.

A final digital painting piece completed for an online course, featuring my dear terror of a character, Silas Reagan, a skeleton capable of much brutish damage in a futuristic world where people do not die but their bones re-animate. (A setting which has yet to get a concrete story)

In early versions of the composition, I was trying too hard to cram an action scene in the top half. But it so compressed that it lost vitality, and weighed down the ethereal composition underneath. Since I was going for almost a tarot-like look with symbolic shapes, a portrait fit in much better.

Unfortunately, the thug character designs didn’t stay in the piece, but they’re pretty swell all the same!