Showing the slightest remorse – Jennifer A. Reuter Illustration

CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

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Content warning: some posts may contain illustrated gore, body-horror, and other scary themes.

Cad Bane is notorious for being cold and cruel. There’s no shame in that! A villain can’t always be a nice turn-around.

But if there’s anything that throws me for a spin, it’s when cracks show. And this bounty hunter, whether the voice actor intended it or not, had the slightest tone of remorse when he kidnapped a young girl for a job in the Bad Batch animated series.

For context: this guy has kidnapped BABIES, sent a teenaged Jedi into the vacuum of space (didn’t succeed), and ANY pleasantries like ‘thanks, please, farewell’ get served with a generous dosage of sarcasm or dismissal.

And while he has some semblance of honour, he really only employs it in specific cases where respect for skill is involved.

So you bet I can notice a change of tone in that ‘sorry’.

It’s unlikely the franchise will ever explore anything to do with this, but I enjoy the mystery of a connotation.

As an aside….

There can be only one moody toothpick champion: