CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

Concept Art

Chaos and mayhem within budget! My concept art combines the unexpected, resulting in energetic art that captures the spirit of your production and bends market trends.


"We mainly chose to go with Jennifer for her artistic aptitude and her experience with sequential storytelling, but she also committed to constant communication with us and offered insights and solutions we had not considered ourselves. We continue to receive compliments for the unique visual style of our game."

—Bertine van Hövell
Lost Again Games

Frayed Freedom

A revolution, a conspiracy - by twist of divinity. A Femme Fatale Role-play Adventure set in a tumultuous alien world.

I was responsible for concepts to final in-game art pipeline for "Frayed Freedom" (still in production and under NDA) by Lost Again Games, including:

  • Defining the noire comic style
  • Alien race and character design
  • Isometric background and comic panel assets

Ballad of the Birdman

“A reporter, you say? How appropriate! Yes, yes, you shall be an apt outlet for my grand tales. A bird’s ballad shouldn’t fall on deaf ears, hm?”

Mood storyboards and concept art for a VR, uncanny conversational card-game pitch, in collaboration with Rohan Malone (Valentine Games), who commissioned the art.

I Love You Tokyo

Casper is so close to achieving his dream; becoming a fabulous pop-star and adventuring to Tokyo, but his heart is still with someone he loves.

Character and environment concept art for musical game "I Love You Tokyo", later repurposed to Steam Release "Video World", developed by Jacob Leaney (Monster Mansion).