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Concept Art


Ballad of the Birdman

“A reporter, you say? How appropriate! Yes, yes, you shall be an apt outlet for my grand tales. A bird’s ballad shouldn’t fall on deaf ears, hm?”

Mood storyboards and concept art for a game concept pitch document, in collaboration with Rohan Malone (Valentine Games), who commissioned the art.

In this hypothetical game, you are interviewing the eclectic cryptid ‘Birdman’ about their experiences, while playing a card game with them. The intended vibe is to be more uncanny than terrifying; where everything is slightly off, and you’re always second-guessing what you see…

I Love You Tokyo

Casper is so close to achieving his dream; becoming a fabulous pop-star and adventuring to Tokyo, but his heart is still with someone he loves.

Character and environment concept art for "I Love You Tokyo", developed by Monster Mansion.

This queer mobile game follows the story of Casper, who is learning the meaning of love while also finding his creative voice. The game uses a combination of storytelling and music interaction to tell the story.

Character art

Environment art