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Email me!

If you’re looking to commission me, make sure to check out a full commission guide! But in short, I request information on:

  • A description of the visual content: what is in it, what style and medium, and the intended mood. Optional: I recommend including images of inspiration material of existing art, references of designs (if applicable), or even the styles you want me to avoid (such as competitors).
  • The end purpose of the commission, what it is trying to achieve: such as marketing a game, visuals within a game, illustration for a story, a banner for a website, evoking a specific emotion in an audience, app logo design, illustration on a T-shirt etc.
  • A deadline: please note that 4-weeks is the minimum default turnaround for most one-off commissions. Rush fees apply for shorter timespans, depending on the nature of the commission.
  • Which country you’re based in (for payment gateway purposes).