CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

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Content warning: some posts may contain illustrated gore, body-horror, and other scary themes.

I had a dream at one point of the above vehicle chase, where Cad Bane attempts vengeance on Obi-Wan for tricking him into trusting anyone. Maybe one day I’ll get around to turning that into an actual fanfic, who knows?

Process work

This piece started off on Autodesk sketchbook on my Note9 phone (being sick in bed for 2 months makes you a little desperate), but later transferred to the PC with Krita. Before tackling the whole composition, though, I did a style test (1st image below), inspired by Max Grecke, whose energy and edge work felt very close to how I work naturally.

Then began with thumbing out silhouette and value tests and colour iterations (2nd image), but around half-way in the painting process I noticed everything looked too green. So, took a screenshot, made thumbnail corrections, and copied those changes over to the big file.

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