Calm before the implosion – Jennifer A. Reuter Illustration

CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

A soldier would rather romance the demon they’re on a scouting mission with, in the aftermath of a gruesome battle on Mars that left everyone stranded and forced to work together. But brutality bodes when morbid emotions and words are left unsaid…

These two are part of a monster-romance comic set in a horror science-fiction setting, which I’m currently working on!

I’m very excited to get it going, because it’s a story that’s been in the works for 16 years… well, not literally. It all began with a silly idea: what if the demons from DOOM (a violent shooter game originally from 1993 but which received a significant revival from 2016 onwards) and people in the Mars base had no choice but to work together in order to survive?

For Flores (she/they), she’s not so much about surviving with demons as she is chill about getting to know them. Particularly Korumn, who is a bit of a nervous figure they hope to encourage out of his shell.

But of course, the friendly interactions become more cozy than anticipated. And, of double course, nothing really goes that smoothly, right?

I wrote a good chunk about their origins as characters (can you believe Flores started as a blue-fire-wielding-cat-person? Yeah me neither. And Korumn may be getting a design refresh to depart from the fan-design look), in my newsletter. They include hilarious baby MSPaint drawings.

That’s also the place where the first major updates, designs and process will be shared on the project, so make sure to subscribe if you’re ready for a sweetly horrific comic~

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Gritty illustrations and stories about literal and figurative monsters learning their lessons (of love or tragedy). Find out more.