CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

Romantically Monstrous Newsletter

👹 Romantically monstrous stories, comics and illustrations, for when you need a real kick to the heart. ❤

CONTENT WARNING (16+): illustrated depictions of gore, violence, horror material and adult themes. Suggestive sometimes, but no erotica.

Whether it’s true monsters with a heart of gold, or the monstrous-at-heart deserving nothing but tragedy, this newsletter delivers you romantically gritty works by Jennifer Reuter.

Spanning urban fantasies, supernatural themes and modern-and-beyond settings, each story and illustration has a rich balance of grungy horror, sincerity, and dark elegance.

What you can expect:

  • project updates and story snippets, to fill your time with something cathartic
  • illustrations bathed in zany colours and grunge, or silly drawings of character moments
  • latest blog posts, so you’re always up to date
  • genre discussion and character deep-dives. Join me in gushing!
  • announcements for publishing dates, prints, and other products. You’ll be finding out first!
  • Get ready to be just as invested as I am in Bionicle, Cad Bane (Star Wars), monsters and skeletons.
  • Easy access to previous newsletters.

The project currently in production that you’ll be learning the most about is…


Your next mission is infiltrating a prestigious rival mob’s ball party for their weapon plans and convincing one of your six (or seven?) miserable, monstrous biomech Skakdi colleagues to assist you… or date you while they’re at it.

With the boons of a heist always a temptation among outlaws, how well will your new bond with your chosen company last?

Romantic, despicable and delightfully cheeky, Hateship is a visual novel dating sim which drops you into the palms of a few skeevy, and a few hopelessly messy, disasters for an experience in navigating their dramatic attitudes… or making them worse.


The update schedule is once to twice a month.

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