CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

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Content warning: some posts may contain illustrated gore, body-horror, and other scary themes.

That feeling when driving along and you imagine yourself zooming across the landscape, or when cycling exudes a moment of freedom, or a swing sends you into the blue sky. And you wonder if you felt glee or disconnection. That’s her.

  • Pronouns: She/they
  • Height: 167cm
  • Symbolism: skeleton/bones, nibs, liminal (spaces), angels, purple/white/grapefruit orange/black
  • Theme song: “CANON” by OVERWERK

A persona I use for the month of October (Halloween) that’s honestly not even remotely a representation of who I am, more my creativity and enthusiasm. So here are some good-natured fun facts:

  • Powers: space/planar warping. Less to do with literal stars and planets, and more with the theory of planes and existing between realities. It’s just weird stuff, doesn’t make sense, doesn’t need to.
  • chose a skeleton as a body because ‘death’ is a non-state, it’s something that has ceased to exist but also doesn’t exist yet. Philosophically speaking.
  • Can float and fly, casually ignoring physics.
  • she is dramatic, likes vast and epic things. Explores with glee.
  • good humoured and silly, but coupled with her powers she causes a considerable amount of uncanny effects and situations that unsettle folks.
  • Finds scaring people in the above way entertaining.
  • Will duke it out with monsters and hang out of with eldritch entities for fun.
  • Likes playground swings!
  • Summons space singularities near the tips of her legs to act like rollerblades and zip around.