CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

“We’re all on a barren piece of rock in the middle of nowhere. In a place like this, you find friends where you can.”

Unless, of course, the definition of ‘friend’ simply means ‘ally for now.’

Grounded is an action Bionicle fan-comic (created in 2015) where biomechanical warriors bite off more than they can chew, underestimating a criminal troupe. It’s based on the original novel material, tweaked in small ways to suit the comic pacing.

If you want to go for a chaotic ride through a battle scene (and I mean it, there’s a lot of panelling squeezed into very little space!), hit the button below.

- Size: 24.4MB
- 36 pages (includes process and bonus material)
- 170dpi
- A4 size (210mm x 297mm / 8.2" x 11.7")
- Includes additional art!


This project was based off a 24-hour comic challenge (albeit, I split up that time over several months). I hammered it out at that speed because the technique I chose was gestural, sketch-like inking. This is still early days when I was exploring action panelling, so they turned out too sharp, high contrast and packed. If only I had known the bliss of fewer panels per page!

I drew the comic entirely in Paint Tool SAI (which I no longer use, but it’s a light-weight drawing program which I recommend especially if you like simple and precise brushes. I was smitten with the G-Pen brush, obviously), and compiled everything in a document formatting program, InDesign.

Additional Art

Along with the comic, there were plenty of glory portraits illustrations leading up to the release on (the comic is no longer listed on that platform).

And a few silly drawings too. The human with the long hair is me… when I still had that length of mane haha.

And two examples of a veeeeerryyy handsome Thok I don’t think I ever posted. Better late than never!

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