CONTENT WARNING: illustrated depictions of gore, violence and body-horror.

The next tyrant-in-the-making, if he weren’t so lazy.

  • Age: 38 (at time of death)
  • Height: 212cm
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Sexuality: Aromantic
  • Personality: calm, brutal, observant, relaxed, patient, manipulative, prankster (when in the mood)
  • Symbolism: silver/navy/gold, crown, marble architecture
  • Theme song: “Outcast” by Shinedown

In a world where the apocalypse didn’t finish the job and in the aftermath, people who die come back as skeletons (with strange physical distortions), society has restructured itself in bizarre ways to make room for a new reality without death.

Silas, unable to attain the comfort and luxury he sought in life because of his undead state, searches for substitutes while working for thugs in the city’s underworld. They think him a classic slow brute, who doesn’t follow instructions and rarely speaks.

But, if they paid any attention, they’d notice his backseat scheming, pushing the right buttons to get his way, and using his near-invincibility as a threat when that doesn’t happen.

When Silas gets mixed up in a world-shaking mystery involving Death, he’s challenged to switch from his casual terror habits to using his full cunning to get to the bottom of it.

(At least, that’s in the intention for the story. This does not exist yet.)


  • general note: skeletons in this world still have these senses available to them; see, hear, and feel through touch (although the latter isn’t nearly as sensitive as in the past). They can’t taste.
  • Silas’ ‘distortion’: his musculature converted to a complex, interconnected bone structure. It has the same texture and build as bone, but somehow behaves organically.
  • technically he doesn’t need to train anymore, but does anyway to stave off boredom. It’s one of the only things he isn’t lazy about
  • surprisingly tidy in his home; everything has its place
  • enjoys spas, heat-treated baths etc.
  • sometimes he’ll crack goofy jokes or set up pranks. Many of them are not good-natured, however.

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