Jennifer A. Reuter
Visual Storytelling
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Concept Art

Jennifer Reuter’s concept art for film, game industries, and comics. Includes explanation of processes.


Ballad of the Birdman

“A reporter, you say? How appropriate! Yes, yes, you shall be an apt outlet for my grand tales. A bird’s ballad shouldn’t fall on deaf ears, hm?”

Mood storyboards and concept art for a game concept pitch document, in collaboration with Rohan Malone (Valentine Games), who commissioned the art.

In this hypothetical game, you are interviewing the eclectic cryptid ‘Birdman’ about their experiences, while playing a card game with them. The intended vibe is to be more uncanny than terrifying; where everything is slightly off, and you’re always second-guessing what you see…

Invaded by Memories

You can only avoid what needs to be done until loneliness invades your memories, calling you back.

An atmospheric animatic project done in collaboration with music composer Belinda Coomes; as a way to practice the whole process of pre-production, animation and editing.

From the initial concepts, I developed a reflective, mysterious story that was inspired partly by the Australian desert. I created story beats, colour scheme development, and character design, before moving on into animation.

You can watch the final animatic here.


A sky nomad follows a fissure cutting through the clouds. She's keen to catch up with what carved it in the first place.

An ongoing comic project, both illustrated and written by me, which will have around four chapters when complete. This comic was inspired from the Flight Anthologies (edited by Kazu Kibuishi) that initially got me into comic art as a teen, and my general interest in things that can fly (birds and planes).

You can read the webcomic version here, or see more of the story development on the Sequential Art page.

One-Off Concepts

Individual Characters

Silas Reagan

Silas is a character I developed out of personal interest, for a hypothetical game project involving a post-apocalyptic world involving skeletons. Since then, I’ve also played him in a tabletop roleplaying campaign called “Rosetta Remnants”, so there’s both a ‘living’ and ‘dead’ design iteration of him.

The pitch for him is: “A powerful, strategic thug who could become the next tyrant, but is too lazy to bother.”

Ludmiła Kurasz

Ludmiła is a character in an unannounced webcomic I’m working on, but I’m also roleplaying her in a tabletop campaign called “Somnia’s Tract“.

The pitch for her is: “A programmer witch who assumes she knows what’s best for you.”


A character monster design for an unannounced webcomic I’m still working on, Onufry (pronounced o-NU-frih, which is an old Polish name) is a chimera of several Polish wild animals… and a few domesticated ones.

The pitch for him is: “A flaunting handsome monster, whose isolation gives him little opportunity to show off.”