Jennifer A. Reuter
Visual Storytelling
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Comics by Jennifer Reuter, both collaborative, and written and drawn by her. Genres include: fantasy, urban fantasy, weird and science fiction.

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A sky nomad follows a fissure cutting through the clouds. She's keen to catch up with what carved it in the first place.

A short story that will have a total of 4 chapters by the end. Each chapter has been self-published as an issue and sold in local markets.



Silas considers the best way to pass the time stranded in the Outback by causing damage to the environment and irritate something deadlier than a croc.

A 9-page black-and-white action comic created in early 2018.


People travel by teleporter, meaning their clothes are dispensable on a daily basis.

11 pages: a collaboration with Renae Cusmano during October 2016 for her Honors in Fashion project; interpreting her concept and designs of futuristic fashion into a silent short-story.

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When a nervous writer discovers a lost robot girl and kindly attempts to find her parents, the policeman he requests help from does not treat her with the same generosity.

A prototype interactive comic, in collaboration with Rowan Malone (Valentine Games), that tested the feasibility of adding transitions and interactive elements. I was responsible for all visual material and editing the writing, and approached it with a storyboarding mindset. Each panel had to function on its own in case of device scale changes, and to complete this prototype within the three day production time frame we set for ourselves.


Not So Grim

The Grim reaper is thrown into a comic and argues with the narrative box about how the story is supposed to go.

Ongoing (currently on indefinite hiatus): strip-based webcomic that breaks out as many fourth walls (and panels) as it does jokes.