Visual storytelling for games and animation

Visual Storytelling for Business

Sometimes, messages need more than words. My lively style functions well for communicating an empathetic story. I can tackle business processes, community events, emotional moments and abstract concepts; if it’s centred around people, I’ll give it life.


Whether for advertising videos, or storyboarding a process in a linear fashion, my experience in the media field lends well to creating clear and evocative shots. The amount of detail, and linking up of shots, can vary per project.


Also known as ‘graphic recordings’ or ‘scribing’. If you’re running an online webinar and need something enticing for your guests to look at, sketchnotes are a fantastic way to capture speech.

They are also suitable for explaining complex processes to your customers, clients, stakeholders, or staff. They’re much more relatable than flowcharts, and easier to remember too.

If you need skechnotes created at an in-person event, currently I’m limited to drawing on paper. But I can scan and fix sketchnotes in post, as well as show works-in-progress on social media, through your official accounts or my own.