Highscore 2023 Illustration - Blog Thumb

Highscore 2023 Illustration

September 18, 2023

For the Australian games music industry event, Highscore, uncover the truth of which harmonies collapsed with a science fiction illustration all about cutting-edge tech.

Blood in the Shape of Numbers - Blog Thumb

Blood in the Shape of Numbers

September 04, 2023

In the 80s, the Melbourne SCP Foundation secret agency for capturing supernaturals, is a quiet backwater. Until three agents are thrown into a gruesome case...

Cultivated Crook - Blog Thumb

Cultivated Crook

July 31, 2023

Between closing deals and shooting lasers, the best bounty hunter in the universe, Cad Bane, and his ex find room for chic suits and a sultry rendezvous.

Reprieve - Blog Thumb


June 19, 2023

For Silas, a powerhouse of a skeleton, it doesn't matter the number of punches that need landing before he gets his reprieve.

Skulduggery Pleasant & Co. sharp sketches - Blog Thumb

Skulduggery Pleasant & Co. sharp sketches

June 12, 2023

The skeleton detective Skulduggery Pleasant and the crew illustrated getting into trouble, looking sharp with rendered pencil.

Dark matter or magic? - Blog Thumb

Dark matter or magic?

June 05, 2023

For a World of Darkness campaign set in space, where the bizarre and the scientific are nigh impossible to differentiate, an eerie logo comes into play.