Jennifer A. Reuter
Visual Storytelling
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About / Contact

Jennifer Reuter is available for freelance and contract work; communicating clear messages through visual art that evoke empathy and curiosity.


Hi! I’m a German-born, Melbourne-raised visual storyteller, which is my convenient way of describing the diverse formats I work in: illustration, concept art, comics and story boarding, and animation. My style evolves to suit the project, but one thing will be consistent; my love for expressive, dynamic and atmospheric messages that inspire empathy. I’ve been freelancing in the entertainment scene (which includes games and animation) for the last 5 years, having created work for independent studios like Studio Moshi, Sun’s Shadow Studios, and Cognitive Forge.

Otherwise, I work on my own stories and comics, which are sure to include at least one skeleton, monster, powerful character or robot somewhere.


I’m available for freelance commissions, or studio work!

Especially where illustration or visual development are involved, but I’m also open to promotional and community-building and event opportunities. Please contact me via the email button below (opens in your local email client)!


Brief resume

Personal projects:

  • ‘Katabatic’ and ‘Snap’; my first self-printed comics I sold at Melbourne comic festivals.

  • ‘Invaded’ by Memories’; an animatic

  • Currently: a yet unreleased web-comic

Client projects:

Event facilitation experience:


Please contact me if you would like a complete current resume.

Program proficiencies:

Krita (preferred) / Clip Studio Paint / Affinity Designer / After Effects

Krita (preferred) / Clip Studio Paint / Affinity Designer / After Effects

InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop / Acrobat Pro

InDesign / Illustrator / Photoshop / Acrobat Pro

Unity / Blender / HTML + CSS

Unity / Blender / HTML + CSS

Credits: several icons by Yannick, MadebyOliver, Dave Gandy, by Freepik, from Flaticon; abrahamhojo. Profile photo by Izzy Gramp.